Adult Products Affiliate Programs

Why Adult Products?

Our company began its life in the adult affiliate program industry over 8 years ago, since then it has generated millions of dollars of sales in the adult niche and worked with a huge range of adult companies.

Whether you’re new to the adult niche or already promoting similar products, we provide the perfect adult affiliate program for you, with a large range of merchants, great commissions and years of experience in the industry.

Adult Affiliate Programs
SizeGenetics Affiliate Program

Top Seller - SizeGenetics™ Device - Clinically Proven Male Enhancement
Affiliates know that when promoting a product it is important they can stand by their claims, this male enhancement device is clinically proven to work and is one of the best known brands on the internet today.
Earn $175.00 per a sale Click here for SizeGenetics details
Instant Performer Affiliate Program

Instant Performer - Fast Performing Sexual Enhancement Oil

Instant Performer is a completely safe sexual enhancement oil, giving bigger and harder erections in just 40 seconds. This clinically proven product will be the perfect addition to your male enhancement website.
Earn 40% per sale Click here for Instant Performer details
Jes-Extender Affiliate Program

Jes-Extender - The Clinically Proven Penis Enlarger
Developed by Dr. J.E. Sianna MD and clinically tested for male enhancement. If you are looking to earn commissions by promoting an 'easy payment plan' device, this is it. Earn $55.00 per sale for selling the premium device.
Earn $55.00 per a sale Click here for Jes-Extender details
MaleEdge Affiliate Program

MaleEdge - The Next Generation of Penis Enlargement
MaleEdge is the next generation of PE device, offering guaranteed results that will see an average increase of 28% length and 19% girth. Never has a device been so comfortable, affordable or guaranteed.
Earn 40% per sale Click here for MaleEdge details
MaleExtra Affiliate Program

MaleExtra - Bigger, Harder, Longer

Are you ready to make up to$204.48 per sale promoting the internet’s leading male enhancement product?!? Packed with unique and ultra strong components for maximum results and combined with massive bonuses.
Earn upto $204.48 per a sale Click here for MaleExtra details
Capsiplex Affiliate Program

MaxiPatch - Unique Penis Enlargement Formula

Earn up to $143.58 by promoting the highest converting male enhancement patch on the market today. MaxiPatch is a perfect alternative to pills or injections and comes with a full 6 month money back guarantee.
Earn 40% per sale Click here for MaxiPatch details
PenisHealth Affiliate Program

PenisHealth - Male Enhancement DVD
ith 300+ videos and photos, 35 unique exercises, 24 hour support, and a 6 month guarantee plus loads of resources to help you promote - PenisHealth will earn you$55.00 commissions time after time.
Earn $55.00 per a sale Click here for PenisHealth details
Performer5 Affiliate Program

Performer5 - Boost Your Potency & Fertility
Containing essential acids known to increase ejaculation as well as Pomegranate to improve the strength of your erection, Performer5 is formulated to give men ejaculations that are up to 5 times more powerful!
Earn upto $204.48 per a sale Click here for Performer5 details
Phallosan Affiliate Program

Phallosan - Penis Straightening & Enlargement
Phallosan is a patented, clinically tested product which is designed to help with penis straightening and enlargement. Phallosan is paying a massive 40% commission and has 25 country specific landing pages in 13 languages.
Earn 40% Per Sale Click here for Phallosan details