Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Philadelphian man imprisoned for fraud and penis enlargement thefts

The US was recently rocked by the story of Jose Amid Juarbe who stole 8 Lehigh Valley resident identities in his quest to attain penis enlargement surgery.

Reputed to have spent over $88,000 in loans, housing furnishings and most importantly on cosmetic surgery, Juarbe was not alone in this scam.

After buying personal information from former Allenton woman, Carniola Santana, Juarbe provided 3 of these stolen identities to co-defendants Manual Delarosa, Maria Lopez and Bendenissi Feliciano who used these identities to receive similar penis enlargement and breast enhancement surgeries.

However despite Juarbe’s clear emotive reasons for committing this crime - namely helping his penis to function properly - this is not the first time he has committed fraud.

Charged with theft, writing bad checks, forgery and theft by deception, this is Juarbe’s 27th conviction…

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What charges will they face?

Whilst Lopez, Santana and Feliciano are still awaiting trial (which shall take place next month), Juarbe has been sentenced to at least 18 years imprisonment where upon release he will have to pay a minimum of $300 a month until he has completely repaid the money he stole.

Delarosa on the other hand has been placed on an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program where he has been ordered to repay $12,000 in restitution for the cost of his penis enlargement surgery.

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Why penis enlargement surgery?

Admittedly, there are safer, more cost effective measures Juarbe could have taken to attain his dreams of permanent penis enlargement.

Easily described as the riskiest form of penile enhancement around, penis enlargement surgery involves cutting the suspensory and fundiform ligament found on the pubic bone. Once released, you can expect to witness penis growths of 2-3cm.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Why do people not believe in penis enlargement when it has been proved?

Despite increasing medical proof that increasing your penis length is attainable, penis enlargement is still regarded by some with scepticism.

The main problem is the number of fake devices on the market. With no clinical trials or backing to prove their credibility, these devices have infiltrated many facets of the industry and as a result have further encouraged the mythology surrounding penis enlargement.

Yet this is far from the truth.

Look a little closer and you’ll find a number of different traction devices that have got the recommendations, the backing and the clinical proof that natural penis enlargement is possible.

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SizeGenetics – who are they?

Made from medical type 1 materials, the SizeGenetics device is arguably one of the leading penis stretching devices on the market today, and one of the first to get genuine medical recognition. The medically endorsed penis traction device has been clinically proven to increase penis lengths by 30%; correct penile curvatures and erectile dysfunction, and improve general sexual intercourse.

Yet their recognition as a proven penis enlargement device extends far beyond the medical field. SizeGenetics have also been featured in GQ magazine and on Channel 4’s ‘Extreme Male Beauty’ for its ability to help men attain natural penis enlargement.

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SizeGenetics featured in GQ Magazine

Impressed by SizeGenetics numerous clinical studies and medical endorsements, GQ magazine decided to feature the device in their May 2008 issue. A feature that was unpaid for by SizeGenetics.

Tested for a period of 4 months by their feature writer James Mullinger, although he did not wear the device for the full recommended hours, he still achieved a penis increase of half an inch in his length. However he had to stop after concerns about getting too big:

"It just grows and grows. The device clearly works but I'm not sure I want it to continue. There's only so much a woman can take and I'm wary of getting addicted to the growth." James Mullinger, GQ Magazine.

Read the entirety of GQ’s SizeGenetics article.

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Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty

Interested in answering the age old question of whether natural penis enlargement is possible, Channel 4 reporter Tim Shaw decided to give a number of different penis enlargement methods a try on national television to see if they worked.

Testing each method over a period of 2 weeks – Tim took a cast of his penis both before and after the experiment, and discovered that he managed to acquire a natural penis growth of half an inch.

An increase that has remained with him long after the show has ended.

Learn more about Tim’s fantastic enlargement gains on Extreme Male Beauty.

Medical backing and endorsements

Alongside SizeGenetics increasing recognition within the media for its penis enlargement capabilities, SizeGenetics has developed a strong standing within the medical community itself.

Having undergone numerous clinical studies since its creation in 1994, SizeGenetics is now medically endorsed by over 13 doctors who all commend it for its ability to encourage safe natural lengthening and growth.

"The patients who were treated with the device without previous surgical lengthening achieved an average lengthening of the penis at erection of 2.8cm (range 1.5 - 5.0cm)" – Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D., Specialist in General and Plastic Surgery

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The Results

Whilst penis enlargement may feel like a myth to many, SizeGenetics have gone out of their way to prove that penis enlargement is attainable.

Having already helped over 13,000 of their customers to increase their penis length by 2-3 inches, SizeGenetics have translated these successes onto their website by providing their consumers with penis enlargement testimonials .

Here SizeGenetics have provided visual proof that their device does work by showing ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots of all their case studies. Photographs that clearly demonstrate an increase in length through the application of their device.

Combine all these facets together – GQ Magazine, Channel 4 and their medical endorsements - and SizeGenetics is a clear example that increasing your penis length is possible with the right device.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The World’s most unusual diseases

You would think that there are not that many ‘unusual’ diseases in the world since the advancement of science, yet recent research has proven that they are more common than you think.

Triggered by your genes, the environment or accidental exposure to poisons, Argyria, Hypertrichosis, Pica, Human Papillomavirus and Peyronies disease are conditions that any one of us can develop.

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Notably recognised by the medical community for causing the skin to turn a bluish grey, Argyria is caused by the exposure/consumption of elemental silver.

Mixed with fluids, many individuals choose to take elemental silver to help treat their sinuses and dermatitis. Despite its curative properties though long term exposure to this substance can affect your skin pigmentation and as a result turn your entire body blue.


Known by some as the ‘werewolf syndrome’, hypertrichosis is an overgrowth of hair in non-localised areas of the body, most commonly your face, arms, armpits, chest and legs.

In all circumstances this bodily hair growth exceeds normal expectations for these areas, and can appear in men and women of all ages.


‘A desire to eat anything and everything.’

Although Pica is quite common in pregnant women, this obsessive compulsion to eat foods of non-nutritive qualities can appear in almost any one.

Some doctors have formed a very strong link between Pica and iron deficiencies, identifying specific cases where sufferers of low iron levels have exhibited signs of Pica.

Some of the most common cravings of Pica sufferers include: clay, coal, soil, faeces, chalk, paper, soap and even in some cases salt and blood.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Often transmitted through sexual intercourse, HPV can also be caught through cuts, scratches and exchanges of fluid. Once caught, HPV can result in one of two things, either the growth of warts on your feet, hands, face, knees and elbows, or the development of cancer within your anus, penis or vagina.

Peyronies Disease

Believed to affect up to 4% of men, peyronies can occur in men of all ages, whether it is from birth, puberty or as a consequence of damage during sexual intercourse.

The disease itself is characterised by a distinct penile curvature which is caused by a gradual build up of plaque or a hard lump on the corpus cavernosum. Although 12-13% of sufferers can experience natural correction in their penis over time, if left untreated, in 40-50% of peyronies disease cases patients can experience increased curvatures to their penis.

Now whilst some of the conditions listed above can be hard to cure or treat recent developments in traction devices, have witnessed positive results in helping peyronies patients.

Reputed to use a technique similar to that used in orthopaedic surgery, these “penis stretching” devices causes tissue cells within the penis to replenish resulting in significant reductions in penile curvatures and penis growths of up to 30%.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dangerous “Male Enhancement Drugs” Pulled from Sale

The recent recall of Brookstone’s Pharmaceuticals Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops and Nature & Health’s 6 penis enhancement supplements in the Washington Post is a testament of the potential risks these kinds of drugs can create.

Published on the 15th July, over 8 penis enhancement drugs were recalled due to the damaging implications they can have on a consumer’s health. Liver Toxicity, kidney damage and dangerously low blood pressure levels… these were just a few of the side effects believed to be triggered by the chemicals in these pills.

Fortunately in both cases, these recalls occurred before any incidents had occurred.

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What are the dangers of penis supplements?

In total over 8 products – split over 3 corporations - were recalled in the Washington Posts article. However, the most notable of these products has to be Brookstone Pharmaceutical’s Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops.

Following concerns about consumers possible misinterpretations of their products dosage levels, over 5,600 bottles were recalled on the 15th July.

Taken in too high a dosage, research discovered that these penis enhancement drug could cause permanent damage to the liver and kidneys as well as trigger blood disorders.

Yet Brookstone were not alone in this misrepresentation.

Nature & Health Co.’s 6 male enhancements LibieXtreme, Y-4ever, Libimax, Powermania Liquid, Powermania Capsule and Herbal Disiac were also found to hold similar health risks.

Taken in the form of supplements, their packaging did not accurately display their ingredients list. Upon later research scientists discovered that these unlisted ingredients all interacted negatively with nitrate causing dangerously low blood pressure levels in diabetics, and high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease suffers.

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Are any penis supplements safe?

Whilst the recall of Brookstone’s, Nature & Health’s and Maya Overseas foods penis enhancement drugs, only represent a small fraction of the many supplements available in this industry, their side effects are still disconcerting.

Either contributing to or triggering blood, kidney or liver disorders, the risks of these supplements far outweigh their benefits. Especially when there are much safer methods for natural penis enlargement available.

The general advice of many health experts is “do not take ANY penis pills you are unsure about” as although some penis pill products have been safely removed from the market, there are still a large number of potentially dangerous penis pills available on the open market.

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Risk-free penis enlargement

Unlike with what happened with penis pills, such as the ones mentioned above, there are many penis traction devices which are medically tested and proven to work.

Made from Medical Type 1 materials, penis traction devices – such as the SizeGenetics device, devices can offer men effective penile increases of between 1.5 to 3 inches without the associated risks that come with penis pills.

Using a penis traction technique is similar to that which has been used in orthopaedic surgery for decades in western medicine. By simply wearing a penis enlargement device for a few hours every day, consumers can experience:

* 3 inch increases in their penis length
* 70% corrections in penile curvatures
* Increased virility and stamina
* Freedom from premature ejaculations

Read more on how does penis enlargement works:

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fast or slow?

To each her own; and that applies to what a woman wants in bed -- either a fast fuck or the slow, smooth kind. However, it seems that most women prefer the sensual approach rather than the pound-pound-pounding away.

A slow, smooth approach will enable you and your partner to employ your senses and experience all the bliss related to the sexual experience. Feel her soft skin, see her lovely face, hear her moans, taste her mouth, and smell the scent of her body.

True, most films favor and highlight the fast and hard fucking. But that's just on film, silly! That's the way it's supposed to look -- quickly and vigorously. How else can they sustain your interest if they otherwise took the slow road? It'd be rather boring, wouldn't it? So, in order to get that wild and exciting impression, the porn stars are instructed to take the fast road. That's why men have created the illusion that this is just the way it is supposed to be done. Well, sorry to disappoint.

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Besides there are advantages to the slow approach. One is that you get to explore her body more. It's not just her breasts and her twat that matters. Have you tried licking her ears, touching her nape or the back of her knees, or massaging her foot? Well, you should. These are highly erogenous areas of the woman's body' and it'd just be too selfish of you if you don't provide her the pleasure.

Women are turned on with kissing, caressing, licking (slurping even). It just sends her to the edge as you masterfully rein her back. This only makes her even hornier! She'll want you more and more if you tease her; building up the aching need inside her. Don't you just love hearing her moan and feel the tingling down her spine?

Build up her longing with romantic nuances like flickering candles, rose petals, fresh sheets, sweet music, kinky underwear or sex toy. This whole romantic package is important for her, so don't you try to shortchange her. Try out various foreplay techniques first before taking the slow plunge. Intense and increased desire only makes way for numerous orgasms.

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A slow approach also conserves your energy for that surging crescendo. If you thrust harder and deeper, you are in a rush to get there. You're only forcing it; and it's not as satisfying as it should have been otherwise. It could also give your honey a stiff neck or sore back, for that matter. Several seconds of frenzy rewarded by a quick orgasm is rather limiting. Why not extend your pleasure even more?

Learn how to control your urges. Build up her longing with slow, deliberate thrusts, pausing curtly, and constricting your inner muscles. Touching fosters a stronger connection; the more you are familiar with each other's bodies, the more intimate your sexual encounters would be.

Every sexual experience means so much for a woman. So, try to approach your love-making with sincerity, confidence, and respect. You can show her this by making her feel special and by considering her needs. She may not say it out loud, but she needs more than a steely pecker inside her. She needs more than that, and you should know better.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scientists successfully grow penises for injured rabbits

18 years in the making, Dr Antony Atala’s mission to produce healthy functioning penises for patients suffering from penile cancer, major penile injuries and erectile dysfunction has successfully been achieved.

Although still early in his studies, Dr Atala and his team of researchers have successfully managed to grow penises for injured rabbits using smooth muscle cells (which help penis tissues to relax during an erection) and endothelial cells (which line blood vessels) extracted from tissue samples.

Performed at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, Dr Atala designed a 3 dimensional penis shaped scaffold to help mould the growth of these tissues to ensure that when they were attached to their male hosts, they would help them to mate, ejaculate and ultimately procreate.

And according to popular medical journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, this endeavour has proven to be every bit of a success!

Growing these rabbit penises over a 3-4 week period, once these 12 rabbits had been given enough time to recover from having their penises replaced with their engineered counterparts, their mating habits were observed one month, three months and six months after the surgery.

However, within their first encounter with these female rabbits, all 12 attempted to mate with them – 8 of whom managed to ejaculate and 4 of whom successfully managed to impregnate the females.

Although it will be a long time before this research is safe enough to be implemented on people, Dr Atala’s published findings definitely suggest that it is possible to help men strengthen the health of their penises.

Are there any other penile medical products out there?

Search the web and you’ll quickly find that the penile market is saturated with a variety of different medical products that claim to help men enlarge, strengthen and improve their penile health.

Of all the methods out there, the ones that can offer you the safest route are jelqing exercises, traction devices and medication.

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* Jelqing

Used for centuries to help men attain boosted penile increases and harder erections, Jelqing involves a 20-30 minute exercise routine consisting of 300 different exercises.

Unfortunately jelqing is only a temporary solution, and despite being proven to help lengthen your penis by 1-1.5inches, to maintain these results requires constant training.

* Medication

There are many penile pills/herbal supplements on the market that claim to treat erectile dysfunction; however only through the utilisation of legitimate medications such as Viagra, can you expect to experience credible results in terms of penile strengthening, support and harder erections.

Designed to promote increased smooth muscle relaxation, increase blood flow and harder erections through the release of nitric oxide; Viagra has recreationally earned itself a reputation for helping men to:

- increase their libido

- improve their sexual performance

- permanently increase their penis size

However, similar to Jelqing the results of Viagra are only temporary and can last for up to a few hours depending on the dosage you take.

* Traction Devices

Penile enhancement devices such as the SizeGenetics device have been clinically proven - through extensive clinical trials - to help men permanently boost their penis size by 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth.

Originally designed to help treat peyronies disease, erectile dysfunction and support men who have undergone penis enlargement surgery, it was not long before scientists discovered that traction devices could do more.

Aside from helping men to increase their penis size by up to 30% in 24 weeks, traction devices can also:

* Correct penile curvatures by 70%
* Increase blood flow, leading to rock hard erections when 100% fully engorged
* Boost sexual appetite
* Produce longer, more powerful orgasms

And made using only the highest quality Medical Type 1 materials, traction devices can comfortably be worn for up to 12 hours a day without putting your penis at risk.

How does it work? Using a traction technique similar to that seen in orthopaedic surgery, traction devices gently applies traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penis causing cells to break away and divide. As this tissue mass accumulates in size within your penis chambers this causes your penis to naturally lengthen and grow.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Selfridges to sell controversial male enhancement device

It cannot be denied that male enhancement devices are growing in popularity. Primarily an online product, consumers can now invest in these penis enlargement devices offline, all thanks to leading retailer Selfridges.

Launching their own version of Dr Eduardo A Gomez de Diego’s AndroPenis traction device, the Wow Willy can easily be found in Selfridge’s London store soon at a price of £250, and already it is attracting a lot of attention.

Producing average penile growths of 0.6 inches in length, consumers are commending Harley fit – the creators of this device – for its lasting results.

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What exactly is the ‘Wow Willy’?

Clinically proven to encourage penis growths of up to 0.6 inches in girth and 1.6 inches in length, the Wow Willy can comfortably be worn underneath your clothing without putting your penis at risk of damage.

However the Willy Wow is not the first to produce such promising results.

Made from Medical Type 1 materials, the SizeGenetics device for example has been clinically proven through numerous trials to produce penis growths of up to 30% (3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth).

So whilst you may only be able to be find this product online, the SizeGenetics device is still leaps and bounds ahead of the Willy Wow in terms of clinical trials, and value for money.

Available for just £233.91, consumers can invest in this male enhancement device and receive a CE approved traction device that is clinically proven to increase your penis size by 3 inches.

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Traction devices - how do they work?

Structured using a similar traction technique used in orthopaedic surgery and by women of the Paduang tribe, the Wow Willy gently applies traction to the copora cavernosa of the penis, causing cells to break away and replicate.

As this tissue accumulates within your penis chambers, this helps your penis to hold more blood and permanently increase in length and girth.

However this is not all that these traction devices can do. Worn for a few hours every day, the Wow Willy – and SizeGenetics device – can also:

* Correct penile curvatures by 70%
* Improve stamina and endurance
* Stop post surgical penile retractions
* Treat peyronies disease

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Types of Natural Male Enhancement

Over the last century a number of natural male enhancement (or penis enlargement) devices have been established, yet this fascination with penis enlargement is centuries old.

Dating as far back as 2,000 years ago, tribes aspired to increase their penis size through an assortment of methods which were all highly dangerous. From slitting their penis shaft to hanging weights from their members, each of these methods usually ended up with some kind of deformity or health problem.

Fortunately in the last century, there has been an insurgence in natural male enhancement procedures that have been medically proven to increase penis size.

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Penis Enlargement Surgery

Easily one of the riskiest procedures found on this list, male enhancement surgery involves cutting the suspensory ligament attached to the pubic bone. By simply cutting this ligament, you can increase your penis size by approximately 20-30mm.

The problem with such a procedure is that without the appropriate postoperative treatment - stretching your penis – you could risk shortening your penis as this ligament heals. Similarly there is a high probability that you won’t be able to sustain an erect penis after the surgery.

With such risks it is easy to see why 70% of men – according to the Penile Suspensory Ligament division for Penile Augmentation - are dissatisfied with this form of natural male enhancement. The risk of deformity is too high.


Whilst many penis enlargement pills do contain certain properties such as yerba mate that are believed to increase virility, there is little proof that natural male enhancement pills can increase penis size.

In fact due to their high concentrations of mould, yeast, E.coli, pesticides and lead, these pills have been found to cause serious harm to your body.

Penis Pumps

Designed with intention of forming a vacuum around your penis, as the pressure within this cylindrical device increases blood is drawn into the penis helping it to grow in size.

The problem with this type of natural male enhancement is that the difference in pressure between the inner blood and pump can cause damage to your blood vessels - which is not worth the risk considering that they provide you with only a temporary solution.


One of the cheapest ways to naturally increase your penis size, jelqing exercises have been used for centuries to encourage natural male enhancement.

Performed for 20-30 minutes at a time, jelqing involves a process similar to ‘milking’. By simply wrapping your thumb and index finger around your penis and repeatedly drawing it away from your body, this massaging increases blood flow to the copora cavernosa helping it to increase in size – in some instances by up to an inch.

Similar to penis pumps, Jelqing provides only a temporary solution to natural male enhancement and needs to be performed repetitively to create results.

Traction Devices

Medically backed by the CE, and made from Medical Type 1 materials, tractions devices – such as those sold by SizeGenetics – can help men to permanently increase their penis size by up to 30%.

Incorporating a traction technique used in orthopaedic surgery, the SizeGenetics device is designed to apply traction to the copora cavernosa causing cells to break away, divide and multiply.

As these cells continue to replicate within your penis chambers, they form a cellular tissue mass that helps your penis to hold more blood and increase in size by 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth.

Alongside their natural capacity to encourage permanent natural male enhancement, the SizeGenetics device is also clinically proven to:

* Correct penile curvatures by up to 70%
* Increase sexual stamina, endurance and orgasms
* Create rock hard, fully engorged penises

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Generic Penis Enlargement Text + Multiple endings (use only one ending)

Just as most women are unhappy with the size of their breasts, so are most men unhappy with the size of their penises. Despite the fact that the vast majority of men are simply average in size, many still think their penises are not big enough. It is unclear whether women would rather sleep with a man sporting a long penis instead of one, especially since studies conducted by various experts have yielded contradictory results.

Still, the widespread feeling of inadequacy has led to the emergence and development of the penis enlargement market. Men looking to offset the stinginess of Mother Nature, or simply to augment their bedroom performance with a bigger erection and a larger penis are flocking to websites promoting every solution ever heard of. The most popular options are penis enlargement pills, for those interested in minimizing risk with natural male enhancement, penis patches and traction devices. Pumps are somewhat out of style these days.

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This flood of new products, systems and solutions has determined us to start our own independent review website as a way of helping customers find the best product available. You wouldn’t want to put your health at risk with pills, patches, devices and surgery that may not be good for you. That’s why we took the trouble to review the most popular male enhancement options.

First and foremost we’d like to say that surgery was the one option outside the scope of our study. The results of such an invasive technique are already hotly debated in journals and over the Internet. Not to mention that the potential side effects of surgery far surpass those of any other penis enhancement solution. Stories of penises looking more like sausages rather than a natural part of the human body, loss of sensation, uneven penis surfaces and scarring are common. Therefore, we decided to stick with the safer options.

After a careful consideration of the most popular solutions available we have come to the conclusion that only one product meets our strict criteria of quality, results and zero reported side effects. (insert the desired ending)

ProSolution Pills - Hands down, the best pills out there. The quality of ingredients is perfect, the hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied customers are testimony to the product’s effectiveness and there were no side effects reported. Ever. Add to this impressive range of benefits the best money back guarantee in the industry and you have before you the undisputed leader of the male enhancement market.

Penis Health - What can be safer than a program of exercises? No pills, no weights, no pumps. Just exercises that you can do alone, in the privacy of your own home, at a time of your own choosing. And all the exercises are available at a low price through a lifetime subscription. You heard that right! Lifetime! No renewals, no extra fees. Pay once, enjoy it forever.

ProEnhance - This is like having a secret buddy that can help you with your worst problem. The patch goes with you everywhere and stays hidden under your clothes. You can even keep it on in the shower. The slow release of an active herbal substance into your bloodstream gets the job done even when you sleep.

SizeGenetics - A full system is the best way to go if you’re serious about penis enlargement. The combination of stretcher and enlargement pills is simply too good to pass. Get your system now!