Friday, January 30, 2009

How to cope with a penis that's very big

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Having a large penis might seem like every man's dream, but there is large and there is too large! Anything over 8 inches is far too large for most women to handle.  Such a penis can be more of a curse than a gift. In most cases, women find sex with a large penis painful, mainly because it can knock against their cervix (the top of the vagina) and can even cause bleeding. So guys, if you're well hung, remember to treat your lady's privates with a little more respect.

Regardless of size you should be able to enter a girl comfortably if you take your time. Foreplay is the key, focus on careful stimulation of the Epicenter, the female degenerated prostate. You can use this multiple-step approach by Dr. Newman K. Lin of the Lin Institute, a research center for multiple, sexual orgasm.

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The first step is to massage on the labia majors, groins, pubis and clitoral base to relax the muscle around the vagina and prepare it for penetration. If you find that this is insufficient then apply a light Finger Pliers massage to the G-spot and Clitoral shaft and turn it around 11 and 1 o'clock position, to stimulate the vaginal muscle relaxation and tenting expansion.

The actual penetration is divided into 3 steps: start with shallow penetration in the first 1/3 of the vagina at the same time lightly stroking the G-spot and kissing each other for about 3 minutes. Follow it up with moderate penetration to test the vaginal flexibility and relaxation with a light stroke, and if there is no pain deep, time to do deep penetration.

Finally, use Screwing Technique and Kiss the cervix with the glans penis to avoid thrusting hard. Screwing is vital in love coupling for massaging vagina and penis in the Chinese sexual bible "SU-NUI Ching." There are two screwing technique which depends on who the driver is. If the male is the driver he should be allowed to move freely, so the female will lie down, and the male can lie on her, stand up or knee down to do the job. On the other hand if the female is the driver, she will sit on his legs without constraint rotate her upper body right and left periodically or use her hip to make a circulation motion.

This technique will stimulate the brain to increase the testosterone level and the burning in the vaginal tissues will relax the muscle that will tent up and expand the vagina for taking heavy strokes or pumping

Screwing with a C.A.T position, will trigger a powerful orgasm for women. Screwing can also be used to wake up the sexual energy, increase the vagina lubrication and strengthen an erection. If a couple screw each other for 10 to 30 minutes every morning will surely bring them to a humping mode and will provide enough morning exercises for the loving couples as well.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Does Lady Gaga have a penis?

That is the question resting on everyone’s lips who have witnessed the revealing shot of Lady Gaga at this years Glastonbury concert in June.

Pictured as having an ‘extra bulge’ in her underwear, the press have been throwing around claims for weeks that she is a hermaphrodite.

A speculation that has only escalated since news leaked of her quoting to a reporter that she has got ‘both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself a female.’

Although she now profusely denies having made such a quote, stating ‘she was only joking’, PLUS the fact that the photo itself is rather distorted, it is hard to know what to believe when it comes to this rumour.

A publicity stunt or not, it cannot be denied that Lady Gaga is now being plagued with question after question about her gender.

Recently interviewed on Australia’s Nova Morning radio station, she was intensively questioned by their co-host Michael about the he-she rumours, which she called ‘ridiculous’, and then again at a press conference in Berlin.

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Is it a publicity stunt?

Following her recent campaigns for gay pride, some feel this photograph of Lady Gaga is just an opportunity to create debate about the nature of human sexuality and society’s need to gender cultural icons.

And if that is true it has definitely sparked off a viral phenomenon that is spreading across the web.

Natural penis enlargement

So if LadyGaga DOES have a penis, is there any truth to the latest rumours that she might even consider a penis enlargement!

Sparking off the creation of traction devices, penis pumps, jelqing exercises and pills, for anyone wishing to permanently enlarge their penis, could a choice of a pop star be the ever popular penis enlargement device?

Made from medical type 1 materials, penis enlargement devices – such as the ones sold by SizeGenetics - have been clinically proven to permanently increase your penis size by up to 3 inches, as well as treat peyronie’s disease and micropenises; correct 70% of penile curvatures and boost blood flow and sexual stamina.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

How does internal and external penis enlargement work?

If you are looking to increase your penis size, then there are a number of different routes you can follow. Some of the external devices available you may have already heard about, such as penis enlargement devices, penis weights and penis pumps. However there are also quite a few internal techniques which can experiment with too.

Why enlarge your penis?

Penis enlargement has been a fascination of men for centuries. Debuting in Greek and Roman art and architecture; gods, leaders and officials were often displayed as having a long, rock hard erections.

For almost 2,000 years men have aspired to increase their penis size through a variety of different means, including cutting their shaft and hanging weights from off their penises.

Luckily during the last century science has managed to intervene bringing with it a number of different methods which can offer safe, natural penis enlargement.

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The two key was to enlarge the penis: internal and external

Fortunately in the last century, a number of scientific discoveries have made experiencing permanent natural penis enlargement attainable, and can be access using both internal and external methods.

How do the external devices work?

Split into penis enlargement devices, penis weights and penis pumps, each of these 3 devices provides an external force that causes the penis to enlarge in size.

Penis enlargement devices: Incorporating a technique similar to that seen in orthopaedic surgery, penis enlargement devices work by applying traction to the corpora cavernosa which causes cells within the walls to begin dividing and separating.

Accumulating in mass, this additional tissue causes increased blood flow to the penis, and enables it to permanently grow in girth and in length by up to 30% (3 inches in length, 1 inch in girth).

Penis weights: one of the lengthier and more risky processes, penis weights requires time and perseverance. If you are interested in hanging weights from your penis, it is recommended that you don’t try to do this independently as you could risk permanently damaging your penis. Instead seek medical advice from your doctor.

Penis pumps: one of the safest ways to attain a sturdy, firm erection, penis pumps work by creating a vacuum around the penis which causes tissue to expand and blood flow to increase. As a result your penis is able to remain firmer for longer, and appears to grow in size. The effects of this device however are only temporary and require repeat application in order to maintain results.

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How do internal penis enlargement devices work?

The top 3 methods within this niche of penis enlargement lie within the form of jelqing exercises, pills and patches. However, similar to the penis weights and penis pumps above their ability to increase your penis length is only temporary.

Jelqing: An series of penis exercises which has been passed down for centuries amongst men in the Middle East, Jelqing is based on a combination of 100-200 stretching exercises performed over a 20 minute period.

Proven to increase you penis size by 1.4 inches in length, Jelqing helps to train the penis and increase sexual satisfaction.

Penis enlargement pills: Formulated using damiana, tribulus terrestris, epimedium leaf extract and red ginseng, each of these ingredients have been proven to: improve erectile dysfunction, lengthen orgasms, boost sexual stamina and produce aphrodisiac results. Many men have reported increases in their penis length whilst taking these penis enlargement pills.

Patches: Similar to penis enlargement pills above, these patches work by administering the above ingredients directly into your blood stream. Once administered men can experience increases of up to 3 inches in length as well as increased blood flow.

Safest route to penis enlargement

If you are looking for a permanent solution to your penile issues, of these 6 methods the safest and most credible are the penis enlargement devices and penis exercises (jelqing).

Providing clinically proven results of length increases of 3 inches and girth increased of 1 inch; the unique combination of these 2 methods can offer you a safe, natural solution to:

* Correcting penile curvatures by 70%
* Treating erectile dysfunction
* Boosting your sexual stamina
* Lengthening your orgasm
* Producing increased blood flow and rock hard erections.

For more details about how traction devices can increase your penis size by 30% visit SizeGenetics, or alternatively visit Penis Health to learn more about the benefits of jelqing.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What lengths will men go to, to impress women?

We have all got our own personal ways of impressing women. From making a change to our appearance to making ourselves sound more adventurous… some work better than others.

However, following a survey amongst 10,000 men, we discovered some techniques are far more popular than previously thought.

Male Make-up

Since the revelation that male movie stars use make-up to improve their appearance whilst on camera, the trend of wearing male make-up has increased exponentially during the last decade.

From applying loose powdered foundations to hide spots, scars and blemishes, to wearing clear mascara to emphasise their eyes; more and more men are adopting this technique to impress their potential dates and boost their own confidence.

Dangerous Hobbies

This one has always been a firm favourite amongst men and apparently is still quite popular today.

Opting for the classic motor cycle or fast car; recent extreme sports have witnessed significant rises in popularity amongst the male populace. Ranging from base jumping to free running to rock climbing - the phrase ‘dangerous hobby’ has taken on a whole new precedent when it comes to impressing women.

Sometimes even talking about having a dangerous hobby is exciting enougth, let alone actually doing it! Just don’t make the mistake some men do and claim you do a dangerous sport when really you don’t. You will be caught out!

Waxing Body Hair

Believed to improve the appearance of muscle definition across your chest and your abs, waxing is no longer that uncommon amongst men - especially during the summer months.

Gone are the days when only women are expected to be smooth and pristine… now men are expected to go into the torture room of the local waxist!

Whilst legs and armpits are left out as a rule, an increasing number of men are also choosing to wax their lower backs to help prevent unruly hair appearing above the trouser line.

Buying a Dog

Similar to taking on a dangerous hobby, using your dog to meet women is still as popular as ever amongst men.

Enabling them to strike up a conversation with random women they meet in the street or at the park; having a dog has proved to be highly effective at helping them to break the ice

With a dog at their side, men have reported increased confidence levels which have enabled them to introduce themselves to women who they would usually have a hard time approaching, as the dog is the immediate topic of conversation.

Penis Enlargement

With more than 45% of men unhappy with their penis size, the use of penis enlargement devices has become increasingly popular in the last 30 years.

Yet this fascination has existed for centuries. Adopting woven sleeves, weights or manually inserting a slit into their shafts, men have been trying to increase their penis size for the last 2000 years.

Luckily, the penis enlargement options available today are much less intrusive and safe. One of the most popular methods in today’s society are penis traction devices.
Designed to offer men the means to permanently increase their penis length by 3 inches (as well as cure peyronies disease or bent penis syndrome), penis stretching devices can help give men the confidence they need to approach women without feeling self conscious about their size.

After all, no man wants to go to all that effort to bag the women of his dreams only to be told to hit the bricks when she sees what little he’s packing!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Average Penis Girth

If you are looking to spice up your love life, then having the right penis girth could be the answer you are looking for.

With the average man measuring at 12.3cm (4.85 inches) in girth, a recent study by ‘Psychology Today’ discovered that out of 1,500 women interviewed the vast majority of them preferred to sleep with a man with a thicker penis girth. Their reasons for this assessment? A thicker penis provided them with greater stimulation in their clitoris, enabling them to reach orgasm sooner.

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Penile training = greater penile growth

As with any part of your body, with age and lack of training, cells will begin to die and as such areas will start to reduce in size.

This is the same of your penis. No longer able to naturally replenish tissue cells at the same rate, with time your penis girth can depreciate in size by up to 1 inch.

However with the right training and support you can prevent this from happening, and keep your penis thick, firm and performing at optimum levels.

How can penis enlargement devices help?

Arising primarily out of a desire to treat peyronies disease and micropenises, penis enlargement devices have grown immensely popular during the last decade, offering men a natural, permanent solution to their penile issues.

Made from Medical Type 1 materials traction devices, such as the ones sold by SizeGenetics, have been clinically proven to help men increase their penis girth and length by 30% – an increase of 1 inch in as little as 24 weeks.

And the results are permanent.

Using a technique similar to that of orthopaedic surgery, traction devices harness the body’s natural ability to adapt under physical pressure by gently applying traction to the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

As this traction increases in intensity, this causes cells in the copora cavernosa to pull away and duplicate, producing healthy new tissue cells that accumulate in mass.

And as this tissue continues to amass within your penis chambers, this encourages increased blood flow and growth that will leave your penis firmer, stronger and most importantly thicker when erect.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Top 5 Men’s Gadgets of All Time

We have all got gadgets and gismos that we simply cannot live without, but according to recent surveys some gadgets stood out to you more than others for their affordability and long term benefits.

Widescreen TV’s, homebrewing kits, iPod’s, the powermat and the SizeGenetics devices… all 5 of these devices entered into your top 5 gadgets of all time.

1. Widescreen TV’s/ home cinema kit

With modern technology such as HD TV’s, surround sound systems and Blu-ray DVD’s, making it possible for you to bring the power of the cinema straight to your TV screens, it is not surprising that many of you are opting to invest in home cinema kits.

Yes, they may seem costly to start out with, but with the average cinema trip costing up to £20, many of you have recognised the saving potential of watching all your favourite films from the comfort of your own home and have upgraded your homes.

- Read more on the home cinema kits

2. Home brewing kit

Notably one of the top selling Christmas gifts around, home brewing kits take away the expense of travelling to the pub or shopping at your local supermarket and give you the creativity to make your favourite drinks from scratch.

Beer, cider or wine… with the average kit offering you 3kg of malt extract to experiment with - as well as detailed instructions - you can easily make 1-3 bottles per brewing.

- Read more on home brewing kit

3. The iPod

iPod’s still may be relatively new, but in the last 8 years over 173 million iPods had been sold worldwide.

Available to purchase in the form of iPod Classics, iPod Touches (touchscreen), iPod Nano’s (video capable) and iPod Shuffles, you can easily download and store all your favourite photographs, music, videos and games in one place.

It is the ultimate portable device.

- Read more on the ipod

4. The Powermat

Designed with your home/office in mind the powermat brings safe, efficient wireless electricity to ANYWHERE in the room. Walls, tables, floors and desktops… anywhere you need an electrical source, the powermat can provide without you ever needing to install a plug socket.

- Read more on the powermat

5. SizeGenetics

Whilst the SizeGenetics device may have only been around since 1994, men’s fascination with penis enlargement has existed for over 2000 years.

Creating a concoction of devices and procedures over the years, it is only in the last decade that the use of the penis device has been medically recognised as the safest route to natural permanent penis enlargement.

A fully endorsed medical type 1 device, the SizeGenetics penis device has been proven through numerous clinical trials to increase penis size (both length and girth) by up to 30%.

- Read more on the SizeGenetics penis device

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Modern day cures for Erectile Dysfunction

Though there is no strict age limit for this condition, erectile dysfunction most commonly occurs in men between the ages of 40 to 50.

However, statistics provided by the Sexual Dysfunction Association suggests nearly 1 in 10 men across the UK have suffered from erectile dysfunction symptoms at some point in their life, whether it was momentary or prolonged.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are many reasons for why a man may suffer from erectile dysfunction. Whilst in most instances it is purely physiological, triggered by stress, depression or negative feelings, there are cases where erectile dysfunction is medically induced.

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological problems, hormone deficiencies or as a result from long term drug abuse… once known any one of these can easily by treated through diet management, regular exercise and the application of PDE5 inhibitors (such as Viagra).

The only real downside to them is that each of these erectile dysfunction treatments is only a short term solution; requiring regular doses in order to prevent re-occurrence.

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Are there any permanent erectile dysfunction remedies?

The last decade has witnessed a fluctuation in medical treatments to cure erectile dysfunction. Devices and pills to can help cure erectile dysfunction, yet the most permanently effective has to be penis enlargement devices.

Whilst testosterone supplements, penile suppositories, injections and vacuum pumps appear to cure erectile dysfunction on the outside, they are only temporary solutions and have to be regularly used in order to help maintain erections.

However, research conducted into medical type 1 traction devices - such as those sold by SizeGenetics - has witnessed real positive results in this field.

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The Science

For erections to naturally occur a steady supply of blood must enter and then be retained within the sponge-like bodies of the penis. In the cases of those suffering from erectile dysfunction this blood supply is often hindered, resulting in them losing their erection shortly after arousal.

Yet, the use of a penile traction device is one of the few suitable natural erectile dysfunction treatments available. By simply choosing to wear the SizeGenetics traction device for 2-3 hours a day, you can offer your penis a natural, permanent solution whilst also experiencing penis enlargement of up to 30% your original size.

Incorporating a similar method used in Orthopaedic surgery, the SizeGenetics device applies traction to your copora cavernosa thus encouraging tissue replication within the cell chambers of your penis.

As this tissue mass begins to accumulate within these chambers, your penis starts to naturally lengthen and strengthen, thus allowing your penis to hold more blood, stay erect for longer and become rock hard during intercourse.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

National average penis size – what is it?

Beyond the myth and stereotype that every culture has got a different average penis size, the truth of the matter is that everyone is generally the same. No matter where you are from the national average penis size is up to 6 inches.
A fact that is further proved by studies performed by the Journal of Urology (1996) and Lifestyle Condoms (2004). In these 2 separate studies they came to the same conclusion that on average men are between 5.08 to 5.9 inches
History behind this penis size obsession
As far back as 2,000 years ago, depictions of large members have been associated with figures of authority. Gods, leaders, people of position… every one of them is displayed as having a large penis. With this kind of background in place it is easy to see why some men strive to increase their penis size through penis enlargement methods. It is only natural.
Then there is the genetics of it all.
Until puberty, men experience limited penis growth. Stuck at 2.4 inches in length, it is only when their bodies begin to transgress into adulthood that their penis once more grows.
Now taking into consideration that there is no set age for puberty – with some beginning as early as 11 and others waiting until 15 years old – during this period no adolescent is the same. They are all at different stages of development which makes those locker rooms moments even more understandable. But as a result has left many men resting with these insecurities into adulthood
Small penises – do they exist?
Unfortunately micropenises do exist and they occur in 0.6% of men.
Caused by a deficiency in testosterone levels during the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, this hormone reduction results in a stunting in penis growth that will continue with them into adulthood.
These cases of micropenis though are rare, and are easily identifiable as individuals with this condition can only experience erection sizes of 2 inches, compared to the average male.
Luckily, advances in science and penis enlargement devices means this condition no longer has to feel like a problem but can be cured.
Traction devices in particular can encourage natural penis enlargement of 2.75 inches through the stimulation of new tissue cells within the penis chambers

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Male enhancement products – their methods reviewed

Searching for a credible male enhancement product can often feel impossible at times when you consider the range of products that are currently available on the market
Penis enlargement devices, patches, pills, surgery or exercises – all of these methods claim to do the same thing of increasing your penis size, stamina and sexual satisfaction.
Yet where is the proof? The only way to safely determine which is the right one for you is to research into how they work and what they can offer you in the long run
Do that and you’ll be surprised by the differences there are between what they say they can do and what they can actually offer your body
Penis enhancement pills
These ones are a clear example of a product claiming to do one thing whilst doing another. Made from natural ingredients and extracts, the link between penis enhancement pills and their ability to increase penis size is minimal.
These pills focus more on offering you an aphrodisiac quality to your sexual experience of increased stamina, firmness and blood flow. None of which can be attributed to credibly increasing penis size:
  • Damiana –improves erectile function and length of orgasms
  • Tribulus Terrestris –boosts your stamina, staying power and drive
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract –libido enhancer
  • Red Ginseng – notably an aphrodisiac qualities, red ginseng is also recognised for increasing your energy levels as well as erectile dysfunctio
Similar to penis enhancement pills, these patches take the above mentioned ingredients and administer them directly into your blood stream using a transdermal technique
Used for centuries by men in the Middle East, Jelqing is based on a combination of 100-200 penis exercises spaced over a 20 minute period.
The exercises themselves are incredibly easy to do and can produce results of 1.4 extra inches to your length. The only drawback to this method is that it is only a short-term solution. Without regular sessions, these extra inches will not last.
Penile Surgery
Possibly the most risky procedure, phalloplasty consists of a simple surgical release technique that cuts the suspensory ligament – found in the pubic bone region of your body - and increases your penis size by 2.5-4 inches.
Whilst this procedure may sound simple, penile surgery does run the risk of removing your ability to hold an erection, due to your penis losing the support of your suspensory ligament when it is cut
In terms of enlarging your girth, lipo sculpture could offer you that support.
Here fatty tissue - taken from your body - is injected into your penis, before it is remoulded and smoothed to suit your shape. With this procedure though it is recommended that you use it with care as it can result in a build up of fatty deposits under your skin, that can make the appearance of your penis look uneven.
Penis Enlargement Devices
Easily the most reliable of all these procedures, the use of a similar technique seen in orthopaedic surgery means users can expect to see results within 7 days of applying this penis traction device to their penis.
Designed to stimulate the replication of tissue cells within the penis chambers, penis traction devices can develop your penis naturally – and more importantly, permanently – growing your penis up to 30% in both length and girth.
During a 24 week period, users can also expect to experience longer orgasms; harder erections; penile curvature corrections of up to 60% and increased stamina levels.
Making the right decision for your body
Whilst penis enhancement pills and patches can contribute to better sexual satisfaction, in terms of penis enlargement the use of penis traction devices is the safest route.
Medically backed by CE standards and made from Medical Type 1 materials, users can wear these penis enlargement devices confident that they will experience a permanent increase in penis size of 2-3 inches, with no risk of harming their body.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Is there a cure for Peyronies disease?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Although there are methods in place that can help reduce, if not cure, peyronies completely - such as penile corrective surgery and penis enlargement devices - actually preventing peyronies before it occurs is still not possible. All you can do is learn how to handle it.
What is Peyronies?
Caused by the development of fibrous tissues on the inner lining of your penis, peyronies is reputed to affect 388 out of 100,000 men across the world between the age groups of 40-60 years old.
Yet despite this classification peyronies has been found in men as young as their teens causing penile curvatures of between 30° to 60°. But the main problem with this condition is the health risks it can cause if left untreated.
Alongside its ability to make penetration uncomfortable, peyronies can cause impotency removing your chances of having children in the future. For this reason penis enlargement devices and surgeries could make the difference to helping you lead a better life.
Penile correction surgeries
There are various surgeries available, but the best 3 would have to be: placation, excision-grafting and prosthetic implantation. Known to be effective in correcting penile curvatures, these surgeries do as a whole work. The only problem with them is the possible risk they each incur, as we shall now explain.
Plication surgery
Designed to reduce the length on one side of your penis to match the other, this method should remove the curvature and straighten your penis. That being taken into account, this surgery as a result will shorten the length of your penis as a whole
Excision-Grafting surgery
Based around applying a graft to your penis once an incision has been made into the lump on the tunica albuginea, this procedure on the one hand does straighten your penis. Its only consequence is a risk of deformity that can come as a result of blood vessels dying in the graft.
Alongside risks of deformation, grafts are known to cause the penis to shorten (with time) and induce impotency
Prosthetic Implantation surgery
Utilising a semi-rigid silastic inflatable cylinder, this device is inserted into the corpora cavernosa to promote the straightening of your penis. You need to be careful with this procedure though as this too can cause impotency.
Penis enlargement devices
Specifically designed to encourage tissue cell generation in your penis chamber, the use of Medical Type 1 materials within a penis traction device means users can experience the benefits of increased blood flow, a penis length increase of up to 3 inches and penile corrections of 60%
Surgery or penis enlargement devices?
Both penile correction surgeries and penis enlargement devices can ease penile curvatures, but out of the two methods available traction devices can by far offer users the most security
Risk free and medically backed by European CE standards, penis traction devices hold none of the risks that can come with surgery. Deformities and impotency… none of these are evident within these types of devices. Instead consumers can use a credible, affordable device that can cure their curved penis by 60% whilst naturally increasing their penis size by up to 30%.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The History and Following of the Greek God Priapus

Search the internet for a character description of the Greek God Priapus, and you’ll more often than not find a statuesque image of a unusual God, who is depicting with a large appendage.
Notably remembered as being the god of fertility, growth and health, in truth Priapus is best remembered for his graphic representations within art and his continuing influence on the male fascination with the idea of a enlarged penis.
Who was Priapus?
The son of Aphrodite and Dionysus, myth suggests that Priapus was cursed by the Goddess Hera as punishment for his mother’s beauty.
Refused admittance by the other Gods to Mount Olympus and forced to live amongst shepherds, it was Priapus’s frustration at being impotent that first led to his enlarged penis becoming permanently erect
Destined to be impotent, ugly and foul-minded, Priapus earned his reputation for being lustful after trying to rape the nymph Lotis. Unsuccessful in this mission, Priapus’s frustration at being impotent resulted in his penis becoming permanently erect and his body, unable to move.
What was he worshipped for?
Priapus had two roles within Greek society. One as an agricultural deity who was commonly celebrated through offerings of fruits, flowers, vegetables and fish; and secondly as a god ruled by his lustful nature
Even to this day, Priapus is more easily recognised for his enlarged penis, than for his real purposes within Greek history. Yet when you correlate his story with that of penis enlargement, it is easy to see why men have such a fascination with it today.
Where does Priapus stand in modern society?
Look back over the last 2,000 years and mans’ fascination with attaining a larger penis can easily be linked to God’s such as Priapus. Remembered for being figures of authority, power and strength, Priapus is just one of many gods’ who inspired the historical development of penis enlargement.
Woven sleeves, weights or manually putting a slit in their shaft… these are just a sample of the methods developed over centuries by African tribes and the Polynesians in their mission to elongate their penis.
Over the last 20-30 years penis enlargement methods have radical changed as various methods, including surgery, penile exercises and arguably the most successful method, penis traction devices, are very much in the forefront of the mainstream market.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How traction devices can cure premature ejaculation

Over the years, many theories have circulated questioning what premature ejaculation is and what causes it. From men who ejaculate before their partners have achieved orgasm to recurring early ejaculation induced by minimal sexual stimulation. At the core of all these theories is the belief that men are ‘coming’ far earlier than anticipated.
Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. Through modern science, men can now put this dilemma far behind them and experience longer, more satisfying orgasms through the use of traction devices.
What is premature ejaculation?
According to recent studies nearly all men will experience premature ejaculation at some stage in their life, however for more than 25-40% of men this is a regularly occurring phenomenon.
For many it is simply psychological: depression, stress, lack of confidence or setting unrealistic expectations, each of these external elements influences their sexual relations.
Yet for many sufferers it is not that simple. The causes are physical.
Luckily, the use of medically proven penis traction devices can now help men to permanently solve this dilemma and experience lasting sexual satisfaction.
How can traction devices help?
As with all muscles in your body, when they are properly trained they can become more muscular and firm. This same principle can be applied to your penis. By using penis traction devices to train your penis – such as those sold by SizeGenetics – you can experience the lasting benefits of stronger erections, increased blood flow and penile length increases of up to 30%.
How do penis enlargement devices work?
Worn on average for 2-3 hours a day, the SizeGenetics device incorporates a similar traction technique used in orthopaedic surgery to help stimulate natural tissue growth in your penis
Building on your penises existing muscle definition and mass, this increased blood flow encourages longer, harder erections that can help men suffering from premature ejaculation, to experience increased longevity in their sexual relationship.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The fastest way to easy penis enlargement

Use SizeGenetics to add inches and boost your confidence

If you are like the thousands of other guys who visit my site every day then you are looking for a way to easily enlarge your penis. What’s more you probably want achieve that bigger size as fast as possible so you can start enjoying the increased confidence straight away.


Well I have a product for you that allows you to do all of this and more. Introducing SizeGenetics, the clinically proven method of non-surgical penis enlargement. This medically backed device helps you:


  • Increase your penis length
  • Add inches to your penis girth
  • Reduce and remove that painful curvature

Furthermore the full SizeGenetics system gives you:

A clinically proven, medical type 1 device:

For safe and permanent enlargement. Other cheaper devices are not clinically proven and this means you risk both your health and your money if you buy them. SizeGenetics has gone through many clinical trials and has been backed by doctors so you know it is not only safe but also incredibly effective.


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PenisHealth Exercise Program DVD:

The exercises on this DVD are designed to help speed up and enhance your gains. You can see gains just by using the device alone, there is no doubt about that. However, when you combine your device work with these powerful exercises you have a winning combination to bring you gains even faster.


PenisHealth Online Access:

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

History of penis enlargement

Penis enlargement – a century’s year old practice
The practice of penis enlargement has been happening for centuries, stretching as far back as 2,000 years ago with African tribes.
Yet the fruits of this fascination have only come into realisation in the last 20-30 years with the development of medically backed penis traction devices, historically support penis exercise programmes and surgical procedures.
For men looking to enlarge the penis 2,000 years ago, all they could look forward to was manual methods of stretching the penis with hanging weights attached to their scrotum or having a slit cut down their shaft.
The most advanced method for penis enlargement then was used by Polynesian men who used a woven sleeve - similar to a Chinese finger trap – to increase penis length. Other than that, the types of instruments used to encourage penis growth were risky and extremely hazardous.
Luckily during the century alternative methods have come into practice.
Developments that have transformed these desires for a thicker longer penis, into real credible results: jelqing, surgery and penis traction devices
The natural route to lasting penis enlargement
First used in the Middle East as a bonding exercise between father and son (as they helped them prepare for a sexual relationship), jelqing is a simple workout which is now globally established amongst men for inducing increased stamina and a longer, thicker penis.
Known to typically take 30 minutes to do, jelqing consists of up to 200 movements that when completed will offer users a penis enlargement of 1.4 inches in length and 1 inch in girth.
For more information of jelqing and penis exercises, you can visit the Penis Health website for advice in this area.

Widely popular in America since the 1980’s, there are commonly 3 types of penis enlargement surgery: penile injection, ligament cutting and inflatable implants.
Penile injection: the insertion of cells from the body into the shaft of your penis.
Ligament cutting: the basal ligament of the penis is cut. Unfortunately although this can lead to a penile length increase of 2 inches, the penis is now unable to stand erect.
Inflatable implants
: implants replace the corpora cavernosa (the part of the penis that fills with blood during erections) and is manually inflated.
Though all highly recommended each of these surgeries does come with their own risks. From penis deformations, scarring and an inability to perform sexually; ligament cutting is particularly damaging as it can prevent your penis from standing erect
Penis enlargement devices (traction)
First patented in 1911, some modern penis enlargement devices are medically backed to CE standards and are clinically proven to stimulate the reproduction of new tissue cells within the penis.
Some penis stretching devices are able to offer men results within 7 days, with a 30% increase being possible within 24 weeks. In addition, results from penis stretching devices tend to be permanent.
For more details on penis traction devices and how they work, the Size Genetics website offers greater information on the subject.
Penis enlargement – the next step
With such a multitude of methods widely available for use, penis enlargement has come a long way since its first depictions in cave painting in 440BC
Today you can achieve the penis size you want without having to run the risk of damaging your penis or your health. Instead there are a variety of safe ways to enlarge the penis by such methods as the penis traction device as well as through penis exercises
Penis enlargement is not a myth! Men can now invest in a method that is guaranteed to offer them permanent long lasting results of up to 30% in length!